You Pay For Pre-Qualified

Calls - That's All.

  • Calls are generated from Google
  • Calls are prequalified at our call center
  • Only pay for qualified leads

How Does It Work?

Identify The Holy Grail Of Traffic

We combine over 10,000 micro-keywords to create the Holy Grail of customer acquisition, as you can intersect buyers at the peak of their buyer journey.

We Rank Traffic Faster & Safer

Using a combination of GPT-3 and real-time analytics, we are able to build up to 45,000 optimized assets that Google absolutely loves


We Utilize 100% Of Incoming Traffic

Using Identify Resolution, we can identify the average 83% of “Dead-Traffic” to save and convert on average 40% of these visitors into qualified calls.

We Are 100% Performance Based

Our clients only pay for the calls we generate. All calls are generated via our inbound call center and directed by warm transfer to the client

Increasing Call Volume While Decreasing YOUR Costs

We generate up to 3X the amount of calls than our competitors WITHOUT extra cost.

Enjoy MORE benefits while you pay LESS.

To ensure the best results, we ONLY work with one client per industry per market area.

We Do All Of This . . . .

  • WITHOUT waiting 6 -12 months for sites to rank high

  • WITHOUT risking being penalized by Google

  • WITHOUT building assets and guessing

Within 5 days we can create over 45,000 quality assets bringing in 16,000 visitors.

'Roof Repair Inquiries'

2,057 calls generated

“We rank for the highest quality search terms within days, while creating an evergreen asset that can never be removed”

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the calls generated?

Organic SEO and Paid Search on Google, using A.I. to help us rank relevant content. We create hundreds of "micro-sites" and create relevant content to your topic. We then use A.I. to rank the content and supplement in Google Ads for keyword queries.

How are the calls qualified for me?

We have a call center based out of Utah that we have trained. The calls have dynamic phone numbers attached, so our reps know before picking up who the call is for and answer the call as if they represent your company. They will ask a small series of qualifying questions that YOU give us. · i.e. - For Motor Vehicle Accidents: ◦ Are you insured? ◦ Were you at fault? I.e. - Roof Repair ◦ Are you the homeowner (or property manager)? ◦ How old is the roof?

Will the content be branded as my company?

There is what we call “light branding,” meaning we will use your logo and name on the pages we create for you.

What does GPT-3 mean?

GPT-3, or the third generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is a neural network machine learning model trained using internet data to generate any type of text. It is A.I. that requires just a small amount of input text to generate large volumes of relevant and sophisticated machine-generated text.

How long will it be before I see leads?

It takes about 45 days for the leads to start coming in from launch day. This is due to the fact that we are building out a massive footprint of organic content that needs to rank first.

Are the leads exclusive to me?

Yes. We do not work with any other company in the areas you service. So for example, if you’re a personal injury attorney who covers all of Georgia, you’re the only personal injury attorney we can work with within all of Georgia.

What about reporting?

You will get emails for every single lead that we transfer to you, including those that go to your voicemail. This way you never miss one. You will also get a dashboard to log in to once leads start coming in Call Recording included.

How does billing work?

Minimum deposit - $4,997 · Your credit card will be billed every time from “ Lokation Marketing / PPC Billing ” $2,997 goes towards asset creation and hosting the assets. The rest goes towards the campaign. The deposit mostly ensures that the client is committed to the program since we are building out a fairly sizable asset for the client.

How frequent does billing occur?

THE DEPOSIT PHASE- Deposit used first, then moves to pay per call. The initial first calls will be paid for from the minimum deposit. Once the deposit has been spent, we move you into the Ongoing Phase category (see below.) ONGOING PHASE - End of each week for calls taken. · Once your deposit is exhausted, you’re now in the Ongoing Phase. · We will charge your card ongoing at the end of each week for the calls transferred to you during that week. · This is a perpetual cycle until you terminate the program. · Example: - PPC for roof repairs in Houston is $120. ◦ With that math, you’d have 16 calls ($1920 spent of your $2000 deposit) before your deposit would no longer be enough to cover the lead cost. ◦ Once your deposit balance has reached this threshold, we will apply the remaining balance of your deposit (in this example being $2000-$1920 = $80) to your first lead charged during your Ongoing Phase. (in this example, $120-80= $40 is the amount of the first charge in the Ongoing Phase). · The frequency of your calls may depend on the volume of search inquiries in your industry and location. ◦ i.e. - “Car Accident Lawyer Manhattan” has more inquiries than “Car Accident Lawyer Buford Wyoming”. Manhattan has 1000+ phone calls per day related to this service. Buford Wyoming has maybe 1 per year, and you should not expect the same volume of calls. · *NOTE* - You will get an estimated approximate potential phone call volume each month before the campaign start date.

What happens to the leads you don't TRANSFER to us?

We take down their information (name, address, phone number, email). We then offer those at half cost to whatever niche the client is in. However, we have deemed them “not qualified” so we don’t recommend picking these up unless you are willing to nurture the client long term.

What if I want to terminate and stop receiving calls?

We will only pause the billing cycle when you’ve prompted us to do so. ◦ * NOTE * - For clients who are on a very tight budget, please let us know in advance if you can’t be billed more than once a month. ◦ You must provide a 30 Days Notice to terminate the billing cycle.



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